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**************** Nandgaon Mathura Uttar Pradesh ****************

Our History

Our Alma Mater - 15 Years of Glorious Journey
Krishna Public School, our Alma Mater started her journey on 1/7/1994, under the banner of Krishna Educational Society. The first step was taken by the school with 200 students, supported by 10 teaching staff. The beginning, no doubt was a humble one and eyes become moist reminiscing those nostalgic moments. It was the visionary zeal of the founder Shri Ballabh Lal Tiwari who navigated through turbulance and turmoil and succeeded in giving the right direction to the school to reach the destination amidst all ups and downs.
The elite society and the ignited minds showered their blessings and the school gradually acquired the strength to make the ground strong under her feet. It was the combined effort of the founder of the school and his strong, efficient team that could earn a place of repute and fame for her.


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