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The KPS is one of India's leading schools with an NATIONAL reputation. The "Objects of Education" as enunciated by the Founder SHRI BALLABH LAL TIWARI:-

 A complete education should enable a child:

1. To be able to distinguish between good and evil.

2. To form the habit of choosing good rather than evil.

3. To have his brain trained to think logically.

4. To have a reasonably wide general knowledge of important facts about the world in which we live.

5. To be able to express himself clearly, in speech or in writing, in the language or languages of the people with whom he will work

6. To have a body that is healthy, strong, and vigorous, and to know how to look after it.

7. To have developed a sensitiveness to beauty and a taste and feeling that will strive to eradicate ugliness from his surroundings.